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Courage the Monkey [Mark Jordan] on Computers, Courses, Credit and Payment Cards, Digital Music, Electronics . This uplifting story of family support is a strong character-builder to tuck the kids into bed with. Mark Jordan brings a unique writing style to his books for children. Grade Level: 1 - 2.
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They encouraged us to think ambitiously, but remain focused on our mission.

They are a professional team that were fun to work with and helped us to reach the objectives of our retreats. Our work with Giant Leap Consulting on our leadership development program has been transformative for our company.

BOY CRAZY with Josh Courage

We see GLC not as a vendor but a trusted strategic partner for developing our people and strengthening our business. Their programs seemed perfectly tailored to our firm and we saw immediate improvement as a result of their efforts. We have partnered with Giant Leap for facilitation expertise for many years, especially in groups where stakes are high and where creating an environment where people can be bold and courageous in their thinking is the lynch-pin for success.

We have found no finer facilitation expertise for these situations than Giant Leap. I hear a lot of speakers and a lot of relevant topics but yours truly stands apart from the crowd.

Our members are still talking about your message of courage and the Try-Trust-Tell buckets. Personally, I have referred to the lessons you shared often since your talk, and plan to use them as reference points going forward! Thank you for an insightful evening and a job very well done.

Become Aware Of Your Strength

Aldridge Electric has been very pleased with our relationship with Giant Leap Consulting. The messages in Courageous Leadership are delivered in a clear, straightforward way and create a compelling reason for practicing courage.

Courage: The Backbone of Leadership

Our associates walked away with easy to implement strategies for demonstrating the three buckets of courage every day. Today, I would like to introduce some of the other Archangels that we can call upon to help us. He is present if you suddenly feel as if all your obstacles have been removed and life and everything feels as if money, new relationships, and new opportunities are just pouring in for you.

When this is true for you, you may give him your gratitude. If you have anything that you feel is blocking you, ask for Chamuel to break these barriers down. If you are a healer or teacher of any kind it is good to call upon the assistance of the Archangels as well as your personal guardian angel.

Courage: The Backbone of Leadership - PDF Free Download

Unlike your personal guardian angel, The Archangels are here to serve all of humanity and not just you. But still, their time is unlimited and they can work for everyone simultaneously — they are that powerful!

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Archangels are really great for helping you stay grounded, clear-headed, and standing in confidence. If you are a teacher or healer who is going through a lot of upheavals at the moment and need more grounding, or if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the negative energy out there, call upon the Archangels to protect you, guide you, and heal you.

They are less vocal and less direct than your personal guardian […].

Giant Leap Consulting is on a mission to build workplace courage and inspire fantastic results

The Community or Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. The Community Chakra has to do with your relationship with your friends, family, coworkers and society at large. Every individual you meet on earth is divinely ordered to meet with you. No one is in your life by accident: everyone enters your life in order to help you grow spiritually. The corresponding color for this Chakra is red.

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The corresponding geometric shape is the hexahedron, and the corresponding element is Earth. What is karma? This is a rather misunderstood concept because ultimately only by working out your karma with a person can you learn what karma is and what benefit it is to your soul growth. But it is important for you to know that The Golden Rule applies here: always treat others as you like to be treated, […].