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Henry VIII, (born June 28, , Greenwich, near London, England—died January 28, , London), king of England (–47) who presided over the beginnings of the English Renaissance and the English Reformation. His six wives were, successively, Catherine of Aragon (the mother of.
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Jane Seymour c.

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Sadly, Jane died a few days after Edward was born. Anne of Cleves — Anne of Cleves was born in Germany. Their marriage only lasted a few months, but Anne stayed in England after they were divorced. Catherine Howard c. They were only married a couple of years — Catherine may have had a love affair with another man, and the King was so furious about the rumours that she was thrown into the Tower of London and later executed.

She married once more after Henry VIII died in her fourth marriage , but then died herself after giving birth to a daughter in Thomas Cromwell c. Thomas was sent to the Tower of London and executed in He was put in prison, and executed in But, he was also a devout Catholic which made things difficult when Henry wanted to break ties with the Catholic Church and the Pope. He was executed at the Tower of London in , just under a year before Anne Boleyn was killed.

Start your trial for FREE today! Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Henry VIII married four more times — he had six wives in total.

The Physical Decline of Henry VIII by Sarah Bryson - The Tudor Society

Henry VIII enjoyed being outdoors and getting exercise. In , Hampton Court was the most modern and magnificent palace in the world. He died in , and is buried at Windsor Castle next to his favourite wife, Jane Seymour. Henry was born at Greenwich Palace. Henry married Catherine of Aragon. Henry was crowned king. Catherine of Aragon gave birth to Mary, who later became Queen.

He had the honour of seeing Henry VIII and recorded that he was "extremely handsome; nature could not have done more for him. He had a beard which looks like gold and a complexion as delicate and far as a woman's" Fraser, p. He also stated that it was the "prettiest thing in the world to see the King playing tennis, his fair skin glowing through a shirt of the finest texture". Henry was a passionate sportsman and had what seemed to be a never-ending flow of energy.

He loved to be out-and-about and hated being bogged down by council meetings and paper work. That side of kingship Henry left to his right-hand man Cardinal Wolsey. Henry was passionate about hunting and it is said that he would wear out several horses in a single day of hunting! He also enjoyed a range of sports and pastimes, including tennis, wrestling, archery, masquerades, dancing and music. He was also extremely passionate about tilting and jousting, and was reported to be one of the best jousters in England.

Jousting in itself is an extraordinary dangerous sport which required a great deal of physical strength, coordination, and skill. Henry VIII also knew how to dress to impress. The King adorned himself in fine clothing and jewels appearing every the image of a magnificent King. Over the years, Henry VIII suffered a series of illnesses and injuries which slowly changed him from athletic and robust to the overweight, bloated, tyrannical king that many recall today. Not even fine clothing and jewels could hide the physical weight and bodily troubles the King was suffering.

Below is a list of the major injuries that Henry suffered throughout his life:. Over the years, the ulcers in Henry's legs grew worse. They were kept open and weeping, and were therefore constantly susceptible to infection, which could cause the ulcers to become very, very smelly. In , Henry fell from his horse in a jousting accident and was unconscious for two hours. It is thought that he was crushed by the weight of his armour and horse, and that this pressure worsened the ulcers in his legs.

His bad legs meant that he was increasingly unable to participate in exercise and sports.

5 things you (probably) didn’t know about Henry VIII

Towards the end of his life, Henry had to be carried about in a chair as the pain in his legs was simply too great. He started to binge eat and was often constipated and suffered from terrible mood swings. It is also possible that due to his heavy weight, poor diet and lack of exercise, Henry VIII may have had very poor circulation. His heart would have grown very large and would have had to pump very hard to try to circulate the blood around his body. His liver would have become very fatty and he probably would have had high blood pressure and possibly type two diabetes.

This is a rare endocrine abnormality that causes increased weight to the torso and neck, weakening of the bones, and diabetes. In some rare cases, it can even cause mental issues such as paranoia and even impotence.

Whether Henry suffered from this is inconclusive as his remains have not been examined or tested. What is known is that it was a series of unfortunate accidents and the onset of worries and troubles that caused Henry VIII's slow decline in physical health. The varicose ulcers on his legs were one of the main reasons that the King could not participate as actively in hunting and sports as he used to. It is said in his later years instead of riding in the hunt the King would have deer herded towards him so he could stand and shoot.

Even with his weight the King still managed to have fun! It is sad that for most of his life Henry VIII was a tall, handsome, athletic young man, the most handsome Prince in Europe, yet he is only remembered for the overweight, ill King that he became.

The Tudors - Catherine Howard and King Henry VIII

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Henry VIII of England

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