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We will also consider how non-artists perform blackness in everyday life. Of critical importance to our project is an understanding of the ways gender, region, sexuality, disability, class and other identity markers influence performances of blackness. Not only willwe engage with theories of black performance, but participants will also have opportunities to put those theories into practice. This course will consider how African American cultural critics and cultural producers theorize and represent past as well as current racial trauma.

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The class will explore recent scholarship that will help us place the African American experience in the US within trauma studies. The course will also examine the strategies and narratives that artists, writers, playwrights and filmmakers deploy in their representations of significant historic traumas—specific tragedies, brutalities, and horrors, such as slavery, lynching, and rape—as well as repetitive, soul crushing, quotidian slights and micro-aggressions. We will also discuss the ways these cultural producers register visible as well as invisible or less visible psychic injuries.

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Situated at the intersection of theatre, literature, art history, trauma studies and African American history, this course asks participants to analyze how literary, artistic and theatrical interventions present contemporary black subjectivity in light of destabilizing experiences. American middle class in the US from to the present, with a particular emphasis. We will use literature, film, history, theatre,. All course materials are available at the Co-op. Remember to bring texts to class because we will be reading excerpts and doing close. Tardiness is disrespectful to me and to your classmates.

Missing two classes. During the semester you will write two critical essays.

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The first essay will engage with a. Topics will be distributed in class in advance. The final. You will write a proposal that. Make sure you. Submit essays in paper NOT electronic format by the deadline unless. It is incumbent upon you to keep a personal copy of all. Please note: no incompletes or extensions will be granted without my. The point of this exercise is to teach your classmates about an aspect of the black. Final grades will be calculated as follows note that plus and minus grades will be used :.

Other scholars such as Cornel West conclude that the Black experience in American is fundamentally absurd. If postmodernism is characterized by a de-centered human subjectivity then the Black condition in the Americans is fundamentally postmodern. This course examines texts that re-imagine Black subjectivity beyond traditional narratives of suffering and oppression.

Class participants will become acquainted with a variety of genres such as literary satire, rock musical, faux documentary, and speculative fiction. Although African American theatre and performance have not received the same sustained critical attention as other genres in literary and cultural studies, it has contributed significantly to the understanding and representation of blackness. This course examines how contemporary theatrical interventions render and challenge notions of black identity, black life and black culture in the United States.

Central to that concern is an analysis of the strategies black performers and dramatists use to depict and perform blackness not only on stage, but also in everyday life.

Of critical importance is the portrayal of the metanarrative of African American history. Finally, by considering the status of memory, the use of satire, solo performance, musicality, inventive language and experimental staging, we will assess innovations in African American theatrical performance. Interdisciplinary topics relating to Women's and Gender Studies.

Check cross-listings for home departments and originating field of study. Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison and Tony award-winning playwright August Wilson are two of the most honored and prolific African American writers in recent history. Morrison, considered a "leading voice in current debates about constructions of race and gender in U. During the term we will study how notions of race and power erupt in Morrison's "fantastic earthy realism" and Wilson's "dramatic vision.

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Finally, we will measure their reach and authority as public intellectuals by discussing their essays, interviews, and speeches. Directed by Marcus McQuirter. November , Directed by Letitia Brooks. Nu Spyce Productions. June , Directed by Martin Wilkins. Produced by Kingston 6 Entertainment. March 13, March 21, International premiere. Directed by Colman Domingo.

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Produced by the New Professional Theatre. June June 29, Off-Broadway premiere. Directed by Ayana Cahrr. February 24, Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles, California. October November 18, Books Single Black Female. New York: Samuel French, Inc.

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Anzaldua Book Prize, Mailcode D Austin, Texas, General Inquiries: Thompson Associate Professor — Ph. Biography Lisa B. Description: This graduate course considers the feminist practices of black women cultural producers including filmmakers, playwrights, visual artists, musicians, and performance artists.

Rivera-Servera, Eds. Required Texts: 1. Octavia Butler, Kindred 2. Katori Hall, The Mountaintop 3. Andrea Lee, Sarah Phillips 4. Stew, Passing Strange 6. Thompson, Single Black Female 7.

Baratunde Thurston, How to Be Black 8. I read some pages from a book he wrote on the subject of writing and it is from that I feel motivated to continue writing in my own words and in my own style. For his wisdom and generous sharing of knowledge, ideas and encouragement I feel eternally grateful to him.

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I thank you for this article and for your interest in Walter Mosley as a man, a novelist and an artist. When I returned the book 2 days later. I check out three 3 more books on the 20th and completed them on the 25th at 11pm. I just could not put them down. I understand the people you write about as I am from L. A and from the same time. When will you have a reading in or around the area. I really appreciated this article about Walter Mosely. I also have a Jewish mother and Black father. I was adopted along with my sister by a black family. Coincedentally both psrents have Jewish parents.

Growing up Yiddish names and phrases had become part of my casual conversation. Since thst time I have studied both the Black and Jewish history and Cultures. The idea that one drop of Black blood makes you Black is aligned with the racist concept of race. I am very proud and celebrate my Black label,but I also appreciate and totally accept being Jewish. So everyone is Black plus.