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"I'm a thinker not a fighter", Fenn said to herself behind the safety of the walls of her inner-city home with twins, Tania and Tim. Content with her life of sleeping.
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One man who claimed that he found the treasure, is now saying the story is a fraud and that Fenn never hid the treasure.

So what proof is there? He put things in there that would survive a long time and that would be interesting and unusual -- not just gold bars, which are kind of boring. The antique 16th Century bronze treasure chest.

Forrest Fenn speaks out about treasure hunter's charges

Fenn says that one hunter got within feet of the treasure, but so far, no one has found it. All someone has to do is solve the clues in the poem and the chest can be theirs. Forrest Fenn in the desert of Santa Fe.

None of his tales offer additional clues, but the searchers analyze every word Fenn writes, always hopeful. In the last eight years, around , people have searched for the treasure. A few have gotten lost or stuck, such as a man stranded in the snow and found the next day by helicopter. Six have died searching: one was caught in winter weather, three drowned and two fell. Fenn has since added tips about staying safe. Another searcher asked, if his truck broke down in the mountains, would Fenn come and take him the rest of the way to the treasure?

They are not going to happen upon it. The chest itself is rare, 16 th century Italian.

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Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. The latest round of reports was kicked off by a fascinating longform piece on Money. But while the sheriff's post constitutes a warning, the publicity may only increase the number of searchers. They should remember that I was eighty when I hid it If someone thinks the treasure is hidden in a dangerous location, they should not search for it.

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Just a 24-line poem in his memoir serves as a clue to the treasure's location.

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The Forrest Fenn treasure has been found

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