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Jackson's First Day of School (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1) - Kindle edition by Pat Wyman, J P Mavredakis, Andrea Gagyi Palffy. Download it once.
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Young Donald — whose nicknames at school included Donny, The Trumpet and Flat Top for the blond pompadour hairstyle he had even as a child — picked mercilessly on his own little brother, Robert, a quiet and sensitive child. Bullies are usually cowards, but Donald had a gutsy side.

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Former babysitter Frank Biggs recalls taking the five-year-old to explore a sewer pipe that was being built in the neighbourhood. To his amazement, as dusk fell, the child followed him into the darkness without flinching. Ditto, a former classmate, recalled a boy who would never admit he was wrong, no matter how trivial the subject. She chased him downstairs and smashed him over the head with her metal lunchbox. Trump admits he was a troublemaker at primary school. Born in June , Trump was the fourth of five children to Fred Trump, a ruthless Queens builder and property developer, and his Scottish-born wife, Mary.

However, it later emerged he had exaggerated. The teacher, Charles Walker, remembered Trump as supremely attention-seeking. Trump was more successful at sports than he was in class. He adored baseball and, needless to say, played it aggressively. He loved to hit balls directly at the fielders rather than away from them. A team-mate recalled lending Trump his bat once, only to see him do badly and furiously smash it on concrete, cracking it and not bothering to apologise.

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Moustachioed Trump Sr was a tight-fisted and dour disciplinarian who was determined to toughen up his sons so they could follow him into a life as a ruthless, cost-cutting businessman. The children were banned from having pets or calling each other nicknames at home, and were urged to earn pocket money by collecting empty bottles for their deposits. Young Donald and his school pal Peter Brant, who became a publishing tycoon, found some freedom by sneaking into Manhattan on Saturday mornings and mooching around the big city.

West Side Story, the musical about warring gangs, was a Broadway hit at the time and the two boys emulated the hoodlums by buying flick knives in a shop where they normally bought stink bombs and fake vomit. He loved to compete for medals for best-made bed or shiniest shoes, earning a reputation as intensely meticulous, just as his Scottish-born mother had been.

Trump hardly seemed that serious a rebel, but when his authoritarian father discovered his knife collection and the secret Saturday trips, he decided drastic action was needed. In , year-old Donald was packed off to New York Military Academy, a strict Army-style boarding school 70 miles outside the city.

Some have speculated that Trump never got over such a harsh banishment by the father he tried so hard to emulate. Off went that hairdo for a crewcut as Trump had to knuckle down to a harsh regime ruled by a drill sergeant who smacked students in the face if they disobeyed him, and punished academic under-achievers by making them box each other. It was the sort of place where the stocky, athletic and hyper-competitive Trump could thrive, and he did. Promoted steadily up the cadet ranks to become a captain — a sort of senior prefect — he loved wielding his authority, although he was famously soft-spoken.

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He once ordered a cadet to be whacked on the backside with a broomstick for performing a drill badly. On inspection duty, he found an unmade bed and hurled the sheets on the floor. Its incensed owner, Ted Levine, recalls hitting Trump with a broom, whereupon furious Donald tried to push him out of a second-floor window before they were separated by other cadets.

As he stands with his finger on the nuclear trigger, as President of the United States, such an observation is more than a little terrifying. He had a lighter side, though, loving to listen to Elvis Presley and Johnny Matthis on his record player. The man now famous for his orange perma-tan would occasionally screw an ultra-violet lightbulb into an overhead socket and tell his room-mate that it was time to get a tan.

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Trump appalled millions during the presidential election campaign last year when his ugly bragging about groping women was exposed. Even in his late teens, Trump —possessing a confidence that convinced other cadets he viewed school as simply a step towards greater things — saw his future mapped out. He had been traveling with fellow demigod Thalia Grace after they met in the outskirts of Los Angeles in front of a dragon's cave. Lee, following Amaltheia. Thalia explains that Amaltheia had raised Zeus when he was a baby.

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Luke questions Amaltheia's motives, but Thalia tells him that the magic goat leads her to good things, adding that Amaltheia led her to Luke, an oblivious comment on her part that makes Luke embarrassed. The goat then indicates for them to enter an old mansion across the street and the demigods head toward it as Amaltheia vanishes. Thalia asks Luke to do his 'thing', and Luke magically unlocks the door.

Once they enter, the door behind them lock, trapping them inside. Thalia tries to escape by a window, but the drapes burn into her hand and try to suffocate her. Luke saves her with his golf club, and voice calls down the stairs and tells the demigods to run. Luke grabs Thalia and they enter the farthest left room up the stairs.

AMELIA BEDILIA FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - Amelia Bedelia Books for Kids - Children's Books Read Aloud

There, they meet Halcyon Green , an old man, son of Apollo. Luke notes that there are jail bars separating them from a monster. Hal informs them that the monster is called a Leucrotae , but the monster speaks for him. He says that he was born with the gift of prophecy, but Apollo warned him not to use his power. Hal states that he used his gift to save a young girl's life and she gave him a dagger as thanks. Apollo, however, took away his voice, trapped him in his childhood home, and forced him to wear the skin of Pythos, who use to guard the Oracle of Delphi.

A panel in the back opens and two more leucrotae join the first one. Hal tells the demigods that the leucrotae would feast on them by pm, at sundown, and he would take their supplies. He continues to explain that the leucrotae can't be killed by any metal. Thalia tells Hal to send the monsters away, and Hal reluctantly agrees. Luke and Thalia try to figure out a way to escape, but soon give up. Luke is tempted to feed Hal to the drapes but stops himself. Hal types on the computer to tell them that they can read anything they like except his diary.

Thalia, frustrated, wonders why Amaltheia led them there. He assumed the two were there for the treasure and leads them to his room. There, he unearths a safe. Luke, using his powers of Hermes, manages to unlock the treasure: a bracelet. Hal exclaims that Apollo told him his curse would end when the owner reclaimed the treasure. Luke tells Hal that he should be able to see if they survive today, but Hal says he can't use his powers again.

Thalia exclaims that the treasure must help kill the leucrotae but Hal sadly dismisses the idea. Hal decides to read the future and turns to Thalia. He tells her that she'll survive, but sacrifice herself to save her friends, stand tall and still , change once, then change again , be sad and lonely, and find her family again. Hal tells Thalia that he didn't see anything about the bracelet and types that he only knows Amaltheia was slain by Zeus, and her skin was created to make his shield, the Aegis.

Thalia exclaims that her future makes no sense and tries to talk Luke out of his turn, but he agrees. Hal stares at Luke in horror and tells him that he saw fire, a sacrifice , a choice , and a betrayal to his friends. Thalia is angered by Luke's prophecy and mocks Hal, but Luke ponders over the word fire. The three then attack the books and Hal finds a recipe for Greek fire. As the hours pass, Luke wonders over his prophecy, but decides to focus on the task. Thalia unwires the computer to summon a catalyst. Hal takes Luke to the side and scribbles in his diary.

He tells Luke to take the book and that it would help him with his choices. He gives Luke the dagger and offers himself as a sacrifice. Thalia unleashes the lightning and the Greek fire is ready in the jar. At pm, the leucrotae start entering the room. Hal takes the jar and lures the monsters into the bathroom. Luke and Thalia run toward the panel as a leucrotae discovers the ploy. Hal unleashes the Greek fire as the demigods make their way downstairs, sacrificing himself to save them.

Luke figures out the code word to activate the bracelet, Aegis. The leucrotae blindly launches itself onto the drapes and is consumed. The house explodes and the demigods wake up back with the statue. The house burns down as sirens echo in the distance.