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The crabs had long been known to be able to make rasping sounds by rubbing their claws, but the source of the mysterious internal noises had not been clear. Researchers used lasers and X-rays to pinpoint where in the crabs' bodies the noises were being generated and reveal the grinding mechanism responsible. Scroll down for video. When being aggressive or protecting their territory, ghost crabs are known to be able to produce noise by flexing one of their claws around to rub upon itself, moving a lumpy part of the upper claw against a ridge further down.

However, the crabs are also able to make rasping noises without using their claws at all — such as when defending their burrow or food at close quarters, at which time they typically hold their claws out as a form of visual display.

To find out how they do this, marine biologist Jennifer Taylor of the University of California, San Diego and colleagues studied 30 Atlantic ghost crabs — or Ocypode quadrata — in a laboratory setting. The researchers used a technique called laser Doppler vibrometry — which measured vibrations using reflected laser light — to pinpoint where in the crab the mysterious sounds were being generated.

Having determined that the sounds were coming from the crabs' digestive system, the team then used X-ray imaging to reveal the noise-making mechanism. The team found that the crab's gastric mill contain sideways teeth with a series of comb-like structures that can rub against the mill's middle tooth.

This produces sounds, with primary frequencies of below 2kHz, that the crab can control and vary during altercations. It is unusual for animals to develop two independent mechanisms to create similar noises that both serve defensive purposes, the researchers note.

However, 'the gastric mechanism has the advantage of freeing the claws for display and aggressive actions,' they added. Atlantic ghost crabs are tiny, yellow or grey crustaceans that grow up to 2 inches 5 cm across. They are found living along the Atlantic coast of America, from Massachusetts down to southern Brazil. They are predominantly terrestrial, but must periodically return to the sea to to moisten their gills. When being aggressive, ghost crabs can produce noise by flexing one of their claws around to rub upon itself.

Why Your Stomach Growls

New research has shown that they can also make growling noises using their internal teeth they evolved to better break down food. Share this article Share. They live in burrows in the sand. Read more: rspb. Share or comment on this article: Ghost crabs can produce an angry growl with teeth in their stomach which they evolved to digest food e-mail More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

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He seemed paralyzed, only able to twitch it's front arms a little, and he would lay stomach up. I sat with him until he had stopped breathing. What happened? I'm still so confused,,. Hi, My cat is 18 years old.

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  • Gurgling Sound in Cat's Stomach - Possible Causes?

We have had him for 4 years, when we got him he was massively obese, but is now down to a normal weight after a good diet and giving him games to play for his food instead of wolfing it down. He recently had to be brought inside at night time due to the cat next door fighting with him and causing an abscess. He also appears to have a hard stomach on the sides. He is also going to the toilet regularly for poos so is not constipated. He recently had blood tests in January that were normal.

Do you have any idea what this could be? I noticed his tummy or abdomen area is bloated or swollen. He has been affectionate which normally isn't and he has more saliva than normal. He has constipation also. He eats normally ie around 4 to 5 syringes every 2 to 3 hrs He passes his stools once a day.. What can we do about his bloated stomach.

Grumpy cat syndrome?

My 14yo cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about a year ago. Once started on the medication she started putting back on healthy weight again and most of those symptoms stopped. Now, however, every time she eats she bloats 3x her size. She has also started vomiting a few times a day. Is a sign of a worsening thyroid problem, or something that may be completely unrelated? Hi, my cat Cheddar is about a year and 5 months old.

His stomach has become very bloated over the past week or two wasn't alarming the first week, but seemed to bloat quickly. He has not pooped the past few days, and his eating is slimming down - hardly eating anything now.

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He has a vet visit in four days, but I'm just so worried. Today he seems to be meowing a little more kinda like he's trying to let me know he doesn't feel good. Is there anything we're able to give him that may help him poop, since it seems like he's constipated? Or would it be more safe to wait until the vet visit so not to make matters worse, if there's more to it than constipation? My cat has been missing for 1 day last week but it came back. When it came back, I noticed that it's stomach was quite bloated. I ignored it because it was eating and playing as usual. Suddenly today it vomited and seems weak.

I don't know what's going on and what to do.

Juicy Stomach Noises - Health and Medical discussion - Greytalk

For the past six months, he coughs every hour at least once, has a bloated stomach and has difficulty breathing. He gets out of breaths easily, and everytime if you try to pick him up, or put pressure on his belly, he coughs up. My cat's stomach recently started feeling hard. My brother says she is getting fat but before that she, was already a bit fat and her stomach was not so hard and she is eating a lot more I am afraid it could be worm. I think my cat has a cold and I want to make sure it's not serious.

She has a bloated belly might just be weight gain , she has watering and some leakage from both eyes, she has a slight stuffy nose and keeps licking her lips like she's upset.

A Vet’s Take On Why Dogs Eat Grass

It's hard to tell if she isn't playful because she is also in heat. Well alot of her symptoms correlate to upper respiratory but her breathing is fine. I just meant it's hard to tell if she is lethargic or behaving unusual because she is in heat and doing the dance that cats do. My kitten is 10 weeks old, has developed a large bloated tummy in the past two weeks since we adopted her.

I came home from work today and found my kitten has a bloated stomach and bubbles in its saliva, it is having trouble breathing and it sounds wet and gargly is there anything I can do? My male cat is 4 years old and previously had some issues with crystals and a UTI which we had cleared up with antibiotics and he's been on special veterinary food for it for about a year now Royal Canin SO. His lower stomach area—like the very, very bottom of it when he turns over for belly rubs—can definitely be felt and squeezed at all times of the day and is firm, but doesn't bother him at all.

I can pinch it and he doesn't mind a bit. He also urinates normally, eats normally, and has his typical energy levels. Is it possible his anatomy is just weird and his bladder is super easily felt?

What are the symptoms of gallbladder disease?

Or that it's just some flab? He's about 11 lbs, so not necessarily overweight. I have a kitten that is about 9 weeks old. He's very playful, and is eating normally, but I've noticed that his feces are black. Sometimes they're a dark brown, but it's usually black and has the consistency of relatively normal poop. The past day or so, he hasn't been pooping that much at all, and I've noticed that he seems to be urinating frequently? Like, more than normal. I've also noticed that his stomach is bloated. Bloated so much to the point that he's waddling a little bit.