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Hilton eloquently captured the many moods of her personal experiences, geographical inspirations and created songs that evoked hidden breezes and perfect Sunday mornings.

Adventure Time - Rebecca Sugar Performs 'Time Adventure' - Cartoon Network

Although Ms. Hilton transported her audience through an oasis of beautiful sounds and clever but informative repartee, she continued to draw undivided attention to her introspective playing style as well as the layers and layers of piano virtuosity that has won her legions of fans around the world. While most of the songs performed this evening were culled from Oasis , Ms. After returning to the stage, Ms. To learn more about Lisa Hilton, her performances and her catalogue of music, please visit her website at www.

Vince Wilburn, Jr. Originally broadcast on European radio in March , these concert recordings have been long sought after and prized by collectors and are now officially available at last in this box set. All the while, and certainly not beneath the surface, was the hot, hot, band that kept the grooves hot and the bossa nova cool and calming.

Now, as a major player in Brazilian music, Mendes has recorded more than 35 albums over a nearly six-decade career. Seeing him bring his iconic masterpieces to life during his performance at The Soraya was a remarkable experience. S tay in touch with the happenings at The Soraya a t www.

Timeless: Our Final Thoughts on 'The Miracle of Christmas'

Mack Avenue recording artist, pianist, composer, arranger, bandleader John Beasley is unlike any other artist currently active in the jazz genre. The audience responded with delight and enthusiastic applause as each soloist concluded their performance. When Beasley announced their names after the end of each composition the musicians received additional ovations. Hearing Ms.

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Her strong, confident and beautiful singing, scatting and vocalese said it all and has situated her in the same jazz vocalist realms with such great singers as Dianne Reeves, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Carmen Lundy. No one captures the essence of Sarah Vaughan better than Ms. What a consummate performer she is. At the conclusion, the ensemble received a well-deserved standing ovation and chants for an encore - which Ms. Booker and her band kindly provided. Keep in touch with Sandra Booker's experiences and happenings at www.

His mentorship and collaborations with Quincy Jones made Alfredo Rodriquez famous, but his improvisations, compassion and virtuosity will make him a Grammy Award winning pianist and composer. That said, one of the great concerts for which the Alfredo Rodriguez Trio will always be remembered is their recent concert at the Moss Theatre in Santa Monica, California on September 15, Produced by The Jazz Bakery, their exhilarating and inspired performance starring pianist Alfredo Rodriguez, Munir Hossn on bass and guitar and Michael Olivera on drums, was met with excited appreciations and several standing ovations.

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Although there were only three musicians on stage, they sounded like a full orchestra due to the perfect acoustics of the venue and the fueled revelry emanated from the audience. Quincy Jones. The young Alfredo Rodriquez is a virtuosic pianist, a genius songwriter and without a doubt already a master of his craft in so many positive ways.

This song set the tone for the evening and immediately let us know that we were in for a great evening of music and fun. With its high energy and excellent exchanges of ideas, this song was compassionate and certainly qualified to make the trio Grammy Award contenders. Wow, what a gorgeous rendition. Yemaya is the goddess of the Sea of the Yoruba Nigerian religion called the Orishas. Yemaya is a very popular belief in those countries whose cult cross any social barrier and rang true since Alfredo himself moved from Cuba to the United States in After brief introduction and thanks to Ruth Price, the trio continued with a song written by Cuban master pianist and songwriter Bola de Nieve.

This exciting song opened with Munir on guitar and Alfredo drumming alongside Michael that included ironic patter, joyous laughter and excellent musicality. Their energy, individual solos and overall fun they shared was contagious. The song received a standing ovation. This happy sing-along event also provided a bit of comic relief and additional revelations of how Rodriquez arranges traditional songs to meet the needs of a contemporary audience.

To hear this song arranged with Latin rhythms was awesome and had the audience on its feet. Overall, each song was played to perfection. To see him move across the piano bench, standing, sitting, swaying from side-to-side, added a remarkable dimension to his showmanship and was greeted with robust applause. To get a true picture and feeling of their energy, their passion, vocals and individual musical skills which all created a colorful ambiance in sync with each other and the audience, you had to be there.

The midnight blue sky dotted with stars twinkling over the outdoor amphitheater was the perfect ceiling for the intimate setting. With a killer horn section playing like there was no tomorrow, we knew we were in for a real treat. The horn arrangement by Gordon Goodwin and the rhythm arrangement by Goodwin and Braun, worked and worked well and the audience let them know it. Gerald Albright was really blowing on this one and with Rick entering at just the right moment on his fiery trumpet, and Dave Koz bringing on his fine example of musicality, the song got a brand new life.

The organ solos were awesome and brought cheers from the audience.

Jazz Beyond Category...from Straight to Smooth

This was one funky joint. After a brief intermission, the band returned to play several more songs from Summer Horns II From A-Z and made the evening an everlasting lovefest. Overall, the passion, the musicality, the commitment and the star power emanating from the stage tonight was a truly remarkable event. For updates about the tour, please visit www. Rob Morrow has thrived personally and artistically as a successful musician and actor during his dual careers and tonight, he and his band revealed another layer of his creativity — his exemplary singing and songwriting skills.

As a singer, Rob Morrow approaches the lyrics to his songs much like he would as an actor preparing for a role. His distinct emotions and technique allowed him to create a highly personalized interpretation of the lyrics while his guitar playing underlined his contemporary sensibilities.

The song is upbeat, positive and received a robust applause. Check them out in a city near you. Keep in touch at www. Chano Dominguez opens Ignite The Ford! Concert series with music inspired by Miles Davis. Photo by Cynthia McCoggle. Spain has produced many great musicians, flamenco dancers and composers and the virtuoso pianist Chano Dominguez ranks high among them. Tonight, the critically acclaimed pianist opened the Ignite The Ford!

This piece was received with an instant roar of appreciation as each member completed their soloing. The audience was immediately assured as to how deeply Chano had tapped into his imaginative re-visioning of this iconic composition. Chano and his bandmates continued to share the traditions of improvisation and freedom during "All Blues" when they brought Daniel Navarro on stage to perform a dynamic flamenco dance solo that revealed his masterful artistry and skills as a creator of instant joy.

What a great performance. Terence Blanchard and his current E-Collective quintet made several powerful musical statements during their concert produced at The Soraya May 2, Blanchard and his band members took the stage to polite applause. Throughout their performance, a montage of compelling photographs protesting gun violence and other civil rights violations were displayed on a videotaped backdrop.

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Their superb artistic expression not only captivated the audience but transcended trends and tastes currently heard in similarly released recordings. Terence Blanchard is a master trumpet player whose sound has a massive power that embraces and brings new hope. Instead, he played his horn through an effect that gave it the sound of a group of people standing up for their rights. Her delivery of these classics skyrocketed them to another energy level which boasts her formidable vocal chops. But he also makes music that grows from his critical thinking and that allows him to create and generate ideas for years to come.

Inspired by such themes as nature, love, variety and the quality of life and friendship, the performance tonight appeals to all of the senses and re-establishes Lao Tizer as an innovator who captures audiences in a wide array of formats. Whether performing with his big band or with a scaled back quartet, the deep and accessible music performed tonight kept his audience engaged, harmonic and extended his reach further artistically, commercially and most important of all to him — into the community.