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The Lost Hero is the first book of The Heroes of Olympus series, written by Rick Riordan, who is also the author of the internationally famous Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. After creating the story line, Riordan created three new main characters, Jason Grace, Piper.
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Percy would have gone dark. All of his doubts about the gods he had in the first books, wondering if Luke had been right to rebel, would have come back.

This is a halfblood with nothing left to lose who would wage a one-man war with Olympus to get Annabeth back, because he has lost her before and cannot bear to lose her again. He fell into Tartarus for her. His fatal flaw is that he is too loyal to his friends.

An angry Percy, a vengeful Percy, out for blood? For all we know he could have joined the titans! He loved her that much. But her logic allowed her to trust in the gods. She saw that the gods needed them and their powers, so she relied on that need to get her through Percy being gone. Percy would have just gone on a rampage and basically ensureed the destruction of humankind. So yeah. Hera is insuffrable. But at least she was smart enough to take Percy instead of Annabeth. The thing is I love her and hate her.

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Let me make this clear. Therefore she can not be a Mary Sue. Yes Piper does say and do stupid things and she can be really annoying. Annabeth has done some pretty stupid and irrational things too. I want to bring something to attention that seems to me a really stupid assumption.

I just am sort of disappointed by this. To me, Piper is a pretty awesome character and deserves more regard than she gets. Piper is not a fighter. She is strong in her own ways and can still kick butt while doing it. Another aspect about her is that she does, in fact show and talk about her emotions more than other characters. She is a daughter of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, so she is more caring and considerate for feelings, not just her own. I think that because she appears more susceptible to emotions that she is also labeled as weak.

Piper is a reminder that people can just be as formidable with their powers of persuasion as their ass-whooping abilities.

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Log in Sign up. Heroes of Olympus Leo Valdez festus lost hero percy jackson my edit. Percy: hey dad, do gods sleep? Poseidon: only with mortals! Hera: "Do you still want to slap me, dear? He let go and dumped the goddess in the river. Leo Valdez the lost hero lost hero edits. Oh, cool! I love suffering!

Son of Neptune percy jackson percebeth lost hero Leo Valdez mark of athena Rick riordan. Their counselor, Coach Gleeson Hedge, reveals that he's a pugnacious satyr with hooves and horns, and fights to protect them.

Jason, much to his own surprise, pulls out a coin that turns into a magical sword and beats up storm spirits, driving them off. As the storm spirits leave, they take Hedge with them. A chariot arrives piloted by Annabeth Chase.


The Lost Hero: The Heroes of Olympus, Book 1

She's looking for her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, who has disappeared. Percy is famous for his own series of books. If only Jason had read them, much confusion could have been avoided… Annabeth is disappointed that Percy isn't there, but takes Leo, Jason, and Piper back to Camp Half-Blood, where they all find out they are demigods. Leo is a son of Hephaestus , Piper is a daughter of Aphrodite , and Jason is a son of Zeus or Jupiter, though he's been chosen as the champion of Zeus's wife Hera.

Also, everybody discovers they have superpowers. Piper can charmspeak people and make them do what she wants, while Leo can control flame. You'd think this would make them happy, but it doesn't. Piper has been having dreams of an evil giant who has captured her father, and she's afraid she'll have to betray her friends or the giant will eat her dad, while Leo is afraid to use his fire powers because he thinks they resulted in the death of his mother.

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Jason doesn't remember his family, which in comparison seems like maybe it's for the best—though he does figure out that Thalia, one of the Hunters of Artemis out of camp at the moment , is his sister. Through various prophecies and surprise revelations and then more prophecies, the heroes discover that they need to go on a quest to rescue Hera, who is being held captive.

Leo fixes a malfunctioning magical robot dragon named Festus to give them transportation, and up, up, and away they go, dragonning across the continent to Quebec, Chicago, Detroit—just all over the place. They rescue Coach Hedge, the battling satyr, along the way.

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Also, Festus the dragon gets wrecked, which is sad. As they bump along they get even more prophecies and dreams and clues, and eventually put it all together to figure out that the earth mother, Gaea , is awakening, which is bad.

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Gaea has captured Hera, and plans to destroy her and use the energy to summon the giant Porphyrion, which will be even worse. They also meet Thalia this, thankfully, is a good thing —Jason's sister—who tells them that Jason was given to Hera when he was two, at which point Thalia thought he was dead. Meanwhile, Piper decides that she can't betray her friends, and tells everyone that her father is in trouble. There is a big amazing super-battle with Enceladus, who loses like the bad guy that he is, because that's what bad guys do. Piper saves her dad, Trevor McClean, and gives him a magical potion that makes him forget about the kidnapping and gods and all that because it was freaking him out, and no wonder.

Coach Hedge takes Trevor under protection. Leo, Jason, and Piper scurry off to help Thalia try to prevent Gaea from waking.

There is another even bigger, even more amazing super-battle with wolves and air spirits and so on.